This photo shows a lifetime of work – some of the twenty-five published books that I have authored or co-authored. My works include non-fiction, novels, college textbooks, children's picture books, and training materials for business and industry.  My books have been published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Haworth Press, and others.  I have also written magazine articles and songs that have been published.












TRUMPED! - BEYOND POLITICALLY CORRECT deals with one of the most controversial topics of discussion today – politically correct vs. politically incorrect language and actions. The book is not about politics or politicians.

The book contains over 100 situations that people face in real life along with the type of response a person might give if trying to be politically correct. Then, what a person would say if they had the guts to go Beyond Politically Correct and say what they really believe, to be Brutally Honest, is shown for the same situation.

The book is about relationships, advice, wisdom, and philosophies to live by, sprinkled with a good dose of humor, satire, and irreverence—and it's a little risque, so be prepared.




Okoboji is the story of a handsome, rich, and famous movie star, Alex Gideon from Beverly Hills, who is disgruntled with his fabulous but shallow life and decides he needs a break – but where can he go where no one will recognize him? He decides to let fate decide. He puts a map of the United States on his dart board and flings a dart. It lands on Okoboji, which is a quaint summertime resort community in Iowa. Perfect. No one will know him there.

Alex disguises himself and leaves Beverly Hills without telling anyone. He arrives in Okoboji in the middle of the summer, becomes involved in the local culture, and falls desperately in love with a fabulous woman, Simone Delaney. About that time, news of Alex's disappearance hits the news; the media goes nuts and Alex's fans go crazy, fearing he has been kidnapped, or worse. Can Alex win the love of Simone before the world discovers he is in Okoboji?


I am proud of all my books, but I am particularly proud of Skeeter's Pizza Parlor – A Shoebox Practice Set for Accounting, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company. It has been on the market for over 25 years. This was the first “Shoebox Accounting Practice Set” ever published.

As you may know, the term, “Shoebox Accounting,” refers to a bookkeeping system where a person throws all of their canceled checks, credit card records, bills, invoices, and receipts into a shoebox (or a basket, drawer, or sack) and then at the end of the month or at income tax time, they dump it all onto the kitchen table and try to make some sense of it.

The Shoebox Practice Set is for college accounting students. After performing highly organized accounting transactions presented in their textbook, many students are bewildered when faced with the highly unorganized mess of financial records for Skeeter's Pizza Parlor. I am surprised that I have not received death threats from the students, but several did try to bribe me for the solution.

How To Get What You Want Without A Sledgehammer

This is one of the most fun books that I have written. As the title implies, the book is all about how to get what you want out of life through finesse, creativity, and tact, rather than through force, fear, and intimidation – the sledgehammer approach.

The book consists of over sixty-five true stories, thought-provoking scenarios, and illustrative essays that are eye-opening examples of how others have finessed their way through the most challenging dilemmas and solved seemingly impossible problems.

Here is an example: The girls at Washington High School put on their lipstick in the girl's restroom and blotted it by kissing the mirror. This caused the woman custodian a lot of extra work each day, scrubbing the lipstick off the mirror.

The school administrators tried everything to get the girls to stop blotting their lipstick on the mirror including reason, threats, and sneak inspections by female faculty members. Nothing worked until one day the woman custodian entered the restroom, which was full of girls putting on their lipstick. She sighed, dipped her cleaning rag in a toilet stool, and washed off the mirror. Never again did anyone blot their lipstick by kissing the mirror.




This blank space is reserved for the cover of my next book.  The manuscript is finished and I have a great deal of confidence in my literary agent, so check back from time to time.